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All in One Massage Set

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The All in One Warming Kit from JO is a set containing All in One Warming Oil (warming massage oil, moisturizing cream (good for tattoos) and lubricant), a candle, and a 4-tip massager.


All in one Warming oil is made from silicone and is not oil-based, so it is also versatile. It has a slight peppermint smell and its soft, silky finish is perfect for different uses. This product will never become sticky and will offer (with friction) a slight heat effect thanks to peppermint (hence the smell).


The All in One Warming is exceptional for body-to-body massages or massages ending with intercourse. The candle inside is simply to create a pleasant atmosphere. The four-tip massager has balls at the end of each leg to create a gentle, relaxing and pleasant pressure.

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- Perfect for massages


- Safe for penetration


- Silicone base to last long


- Does not stick


- 1 drop equals 10 drops of standard oil

Size of the massage oil: 1 oz

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