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Beginner's Power Pump Clear

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The Worx Beginner's Power Pump is a manual penis pump. It is equipped with a pump connected to the cylinder where the penis will be inserted.

The tube is transparent so one can see the penis begin to become bigger due to the blood being rushing into the penis under the effect of the pump!

Penis pumps are commonly used to help the erection be harder, stay longer, or to increase the size of the penis over time.

In any case, it is recommended to go in the shower before use, because the pores of the skin will be enlarged and open thanks to the hot water. This will ensure that using the pump will therefore be more smooth.

Once the penis is in place, the user will start moderate pumping to avoid shocking the blood vessel or pores of the skin. Once the maximum expansion is reached, remove the pump and put on a cock ringring (one included with the pump).

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- Baseis made of silicone

- Transparent tube

- Easy to use

- Ideal for beginners

- Erectile ring is included



Length: 7.5 inches - (191 mm)

Width: 2.25 inches - (57 mm)

Height: 2 inches - (51 mm)

Please note that for penis enlargement use, the man should use the pump twice a day (10-15 minutes per day) for about 3 months to see a difference of half an inch.

For this kind of use, it is recommended to use the N-Larg product for more effective results.

Availability Available
Material Plastique
Vibration Sans
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