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Kegel exerciser set

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The Kegel Exerciser Set from Floravi is a set of kegel balls made of satin silicone, and each weight weighs 30g, 40g and 50g each. It is perfect for beginners.


Women should carry balls inside the vagina, while standing, for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, three times a week. It is also advisable, when it is time to remove them, to expel them with contractions ( lie down, legs slightly apart and folded). You must start with the lighter ones and increase the weight once the exercise has become too easy. Once you are used to all combinations of two balls, you can continue with one ball at a time.


These balls allows women to regain the tightness they possessed before, to become make the vagina firmer for more sensations during intercourse, to lift the bladder, facilitate birth and facilitate natural lubrication. The kegel balls are for women of all ages. This set has purple balls, fushia and pink, depending on the weight.

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—2 purple balls each weighing 30 g each


—1 pink 40 g ball


—1 fuchsia ball of 50 g


—medical grade silicone


—Ability to remove the balls from the sheath


—Possibility of different weight combinations

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Material Silicone Médicale
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