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Jacob by Adore U is a high quality dildo made of semi-rigid silicone. It is a very realistic toy by its appearance (skin color, has an acorn, has testicles at its base and has a small relief of veins).


This toy is also provided with a suction cup at its base to give the possibility to fix it on any smooth surface. This semi-rigid toy will allow the toy to stay upright as an erection does. It can be slightly bent, but will have good resistance, which will allow easy and smooth insertion.


The length of this toy is rather standard and will be 6 inches. This toy does not vibrating.

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- Made of silicone


- Realistic texture


- Compatible with harnesses


- Suction cup


- Length of 6 inches


- Diameter of 1.25 inches

Please note that the suction cup will always hold better when it is a little wet. We suggest to always use the water-based lubricant with your toy, to maintain it with a cleaner specially made for accessories

Availability Available
Garantie Sans
Battery Type Sans
Material Silicone
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