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Principles of lust

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The fifty shade darker set of '' Principles of Lust Romantic Couples Kit '' is a 6-piece bondage set to explore your limits.


The set includes an eye band, two satin clips, a feather duster, a finger vibrator and an adjustable erectile ring.


Make the pleasure last thanks to the ring that will delay the ejaculation of the man and will maintain his erection. Tie your partner or he will be ideal and blindfold his eyes to the deprived of his senses. Use the feather duster to tickle it and use the mini vibrator for masturbation or stimulation all over the body.


This set is perfect for beginners or for the most experienced.

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- Perfect set for beginners or experienced


- Adjustable erectile ring for all sizes


- Two satin fasteners to be able to attach anywhere


- A mini finger vibrator for discreet stimulation


- A blindfold for the private eye


- A feather duster to tickle sensitive areas

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